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SMA Torque Tube:

NiTi shape memory torque tube TIG welded to 304 stainless steel tubes lifting a load.


SMA Ribbon Embedded by UAM:

0.015 thick by 0.03" wide Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Ribbon embedded in Aluminum matrix by Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing (UAM).

Strain and Deflection of a Galfenol driven, unimorph micro-positioner:

The beam consists of a Galfenol layer bonded to a brass substrate. The substrate constrains the horizontal deflection of magnetostrictive Galfenol, causing vertical deflection of the composite beam.


Flux density in a Galfenol driven, unimorph micro-positioner:

The composite beam consists of Galfenol and brass layers. The brass substrate constrains the magnetostrictive Galfenol expansion, causing vertical deflection.


Microreeds modal analysis:

The first resonant mode of the square flap.


SMEHA Pump with load:

Video shows test of SMEHA pump, operating at 200 Hz with a 20 lb applied load.