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Sponsors and Major Research Initiatives

Major Research Initiatives:

  • Actuation technologies for active tactile displays

  • Center for Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing

  • *Collaborative research: Smart Vehicle Concepts Center

  • Department of Energy Graduate Automotive Technology Education center

  • *Development of reduced-order semi-analytical models for digital manufacturing of flexible


  • Electrospun polymer-based materials as next-generation flexible sensors

  • Experimental characterization and literature survey of damper and top mount dynamics

  • Fabrication and characterization of MR elastomers for automotive applications

  • *Fundamental understanding of welds made by very high power ultrasonic additive manu-

  • *GATE: Energy efficient vehicles for sustainable mobility

  • High power density actuation using magnetorheological fluids and magnetostrictive mate-

  • Hybrid smart material actuator for commercial vehicle applications

  • *Industrial memberships in Smart Vehicle Concepts Center

  • Integrated ultrasonic additive manufacturing and laser machining for realization of novel

    smart structures

  • *Joining of carbon fiber reinforced polymers and metals

  • *Lightweight UAM reinforced structures

  • Manufacturing and integration of natural laminar flow inlet via ultrasonic additive manu-

  • Manufacturing process optimization of ultrasonic bonding of metallic composites

  • Materials and techniques for reversible adhesion

  • Measurement of static and dynamic friction coefficients with implementation in crash

    simulation software

  • Microscopic and macroscopic perspective in mechanical engineering: Technology enhanced

    learning and integration

  • Modeling nonlinearities in Fe-Ga smart systems

  • Multifunctional ferromagnetic shape memory alloy transducers with novel drive mechanism

  • Multifunctional flexible structures via ultrasonic additive manufacturing of Galfenol smart


  • *Multifunctional magnetostrictive systems: experiments and computer simulation

  • National Science Foundation Industry/University Research Center

  • Office of Naval Research Multi-University Research Initiative (Fe-Ga alloys)

  • Parameter identification and modeling of automotive suspension dampers

  • Smart materials for impact detection and mitigation

  • Ultrasonic additive manufacturing of hybrid nickel/copper alloys

  • *Ultrasonic additive manufacturing of multi-material structures

  • Vehicle architecture and noise & vibration

  • Very high power ultrasonic additive manufacturing system for advanced materials


American Axle & Manufacturing


Army Research Office




Dana Commercial Vehicle Systems

Department of Energy

Edison Welding Institute 

GE Aviation


Honda R&D Americas 

Israel Ministry of Defense

MIT Lincoln Laboratory



National Science Foundation

Office of Naval Research, MURI Program

Ohio Department of Development



Tokai Rubber