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Research Associates: 

Dr. Leon Headings

M. Bryant Gingerich


Ph.D. Students:

Hongqi Guo

Experimental characterization of joints between metal and fiber reinforced polymer using UAM

Tianyang Han

Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing of multi-material structures

Jennifer Morris

Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing of zero CTE composites

Ismail Nas

Modeling, design and testing of magnetic gears and pseudo direct drives

Arun Ramanathan

Flexible piezoelectric sensors for vehicle applications

Sai Siddhartha Vemula

Mechanical characterization and analytical modeling of automotive wire harnesses and their components

Gowtham Venkatraman

Process modeling of Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing

Yitong Zhou

Soft robotics, composite actuators

M.S. Students:

Brad Losey

Robust Integrated Magnetic Composites (RIMaC) for magnetic gears

Shuting Wang

Personal Origami Deployed Net Safety Restraint System (POD-Net SRS) for reconfigurable automotive seat

Undergraduate Researchers:

Emily Schultz

Martin Moore

Sylvia Cressman

Former/Graduated Lab Associates:

Emilie Baker - UG (Ph.D. student, Cornell University)
Shravan Bharadwaj - M.S. (Apple)
Ryan Bucio - M.S. (GE Healthcare)
Suryarghya Chakrabarti - Ph.D. (GE Global Research)
Xiang Chen - Ph.D. (Honda R&D)
Sean Chilelli - M.S. (Root Insurance)
Venkata Siva Chillara - Ph.D. (ASML)
Zhangxian Deng - Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, Boise State University)
Sheng Dong - Ph.D. (OSU SimCenter)
Patrick Downey - M.S. (Boeing)
Phillip Evans - Ph.D. (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)
LeAnn Faidley - Ph.D. (Associate Professor, Wartburg College)
Gordon Fox - UG Honors, M.S. (Moog Inc.)  
Kushal Gargesh - M.S. (Honda R&D)
M. Bryant Gingerich -  UG Honors, M.S. (Research Associate, OSU)
Ryan Hahnlen - M.S., Ph.D. (Honda R&D)
Stephen Hart -  UG Honors (Cleveland Clinic Foundation)
Adam Hehr -  Ph.D. (Edison Welding Institute)
Chris Hopkins - M.S. (Law student, Fordham University)

Wenmei Huang - Visiting scholar, Hebei University of Technology
Heng Kang - M.S. (China Automotive Systems, Inc.)
Anthony King - M.S. (Honda)
Kunal Kotian - M.S. (CRES)
John Larson - Ph.D. (GM)
Brad Losey - UG (Masters student, OSU)
Andy Lutz - UG Honors (CC Technologies)
Arjun Mahadevan -  M.S. (Cummins)
Aayush Malla - M.S. (Face International Corporation)
Anthony Mortensen - M.S. (Honda R&D)

Brian Neilon - M.S. (GM)

Zachary Noeth - UG Honors (Caterpillar)

David Nosse - M.S. (ENSCO)
Jungkyu Park - Ph.D. (SsangYong)
Amita Pawar - M.S. (Amazon)
Sarvani Piratla - M.S. (Ph.D. student, Cornell University)
Craig Poeppelman - UG Honors (Masters student, University of Chicago)
Joshua Pritchard - M.S. (Honda)
Mark Riggs - UG Honors, M.S. (Army Research Laboratory)

Yongsen Rong - M.S.
Michael Rupinsky - M.S. (Northrop - Grumman)
Ehsan Sadeghipour - UG Honors (Ph.D. student, Stanford University)
Sushma  Santapuri - Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, IIT Delhi)
Neelesh  Sarawate - Ph.D. (GE Global Research)
Justin Scheidler - UG Honors, Ph.D. (NASA Glenn Research Center)
Matthew Scheidt - M.S. (Purdue Univ.)
John Schomer - M.S. (Made In Space)
Liang Shu - Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, Wenzhou University, China)
Nathan Silverman - UG (Ernst and Young)
Hafez  Tari - Ph.D. (Lecturer, University of Dayton)
Ben Thornton - UG Honors, M.S. (Battelle)
Hector Trevino - M.S. (GE Aviation, Mexico)
Travis Walker - UG Honors, M.S. (GM)
Tom Walters - M.S. (Moog Inc.)
Xiang Wang - Ph.D. (Wall Street)
Miao Wang - M.S. (ATEQ Corp.)

Ling Weng - Visiting scholar, Hebei University of Technology
Paul Wolcott - M.S., Ph.D. (GM)

Ziran Wu - Visiting scholar, Wenzhou University
Jian Xu - Ph.D. (Western Digital)
Qian Zhang - UG Honors (Masters student, UIUC)
Yitong Zhou - M.S. (Ph.D. student, OSU)

Smart Materials and Structures Laboratory 2016

Smart Materials and Structures Lab 2012

Smart Materials and Structures Laboratory 2009